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Kingspan Lighthouse Climate for change, zero carbon future
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Lighthouse Design

Lighthouse Design - Cross Section Lighthouse Design - Cross Section

The structure of the Lighthouse is a simple barn-like form, derived from a 40° roof accommodating a PV array. The sweeping roof envelops the central space – a generous, open-plan, top-lit, double height living space, with the sleeping accommodation at ground level. The living space uses a timber portal structure so floors can be slotted between the frames or left open as required.

It is constructed using Kingspan Off-Site’s TEK® Building System, high performance SIPS (structurally insulated panel based system) which, for the Lighthouse, will provide a high level of thermal insulation and performance– U-values of 0.11W/m²K and airtightness of less than 1m³/hr/m² at 50Pa – reducing the heat loss by potentially two thirds of a standard house.


Lighthouse Design - long section  

The foundations consist of off-site timber floor cassettes on a ring beam of timber beams supported off the ground level by screw fast pile heads. The piles provide minimal disturbance to the ground and provide suitable supports for domestic scale dwellings. When the building reaches the end of its useful lifespan, the fast foundation support point can be removed.



Lighthouse Design - Mezzanine Plan Lighthouse Design - Plan




Lighthouse Design - Upper floor plan Lighthouse Design - Plan


Lighthouse Design - west elevation Lighthouse Design - south elevation




Lighthouse Design - north elevation Lighthouse Design - east elevation

Although not mandatory to the Code, every building material and component used has been specified for its ability to optimise the house’s overall sustainability credentials and minimise embodied energy and maximise recycled content and reuse.
These include:

  • Timber frame
  • Sweet chestnut cladding
  • Screw piles
  • Floating ground floor, replacing concrete slab
  • Wool carpet
  • Natural rubber flooring


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